Welcome to the ShakesBLOG!

Hello Shakespeare lovers and newcomers alike! Welcome to the first ever Greater Victoria Shakespeare Festival blog post. This year, we’re going to tell stories of the creation of our two shows, The Tempest and Pericles, in blog form, so that you can follow along on our journey! Every time we create a show, we are faced with both new sets of challenges, and new exciting moments of discovery. This time around, we want to let you all in on this process, so that when you come see our finished products, you’ll have some insider knowledge about how they were created!

My name is Candace Woodland, and I’ll be your guide through these stories. This year, I’ve taken on the role of General Manager (that is, co-general manager, with the lovely Brian Quakenbush - that's a picture of the two of us below, celebrating our new positions!). I’ve also been performing with the GVSF since 2013, so I am able to have both an administrator’s and an actor’s perspective. This season, I’ll be playing the role of ‘The Bawd’ in Pericles, so I’ll be able to bring you stories directly from the rehearsal process! That said, I’m also going to include others voices in this blog, so that you can hear about both shows from a variety of perspectives.

So, here we go! Rehearsals started this month, which means the first stories are already being created. I’m so excited to share them with you! Stay tuned for new posts each week, and by the time you’re sitting on the grass, smelling the fresh air, eating your picnic dinner, and watching some good old Shakespeare at Camosun, you’ll be able to explain to all your friends exactly how we managed to create such fantastic outdoor theatre!