Music and Shakespeare

Watching Shakespeare performed live can be a magical experience. It allows one to realize how much energy and raw emotion is written into the rhythm and cadence of Shakespeare's text. And... what better way to compliment these rhythmic textual masterpieces than with live music, written specifically for our shows?

A few days ago, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Finn, our music director, and chatting about music, Shakespeare, and their creative process. Not only is Finn performing in both pieces, but they are also writing a collection of original compositions to be performed within both Pericles and The Tempest!

Here's a snippet of what Finn had to say:

“Often, people portray Shakespeare as this dry classical thing, but it's not; it's full of life and music. It’s jaunty and full of vigor.”

Check out the video below to hear the rest of what they shared with me!