Why See Pericles: The Hopeful Mariner?

So, you know you want to see some fantastic summer theatre, and you’ve heard that the GVSF creates magical outdoor Shakespearean experiences… but you have no idea which play to see! Pericles? The Tempest? Or…. both!? Here is the first of three quick lists which might help you make your decision!

Why see Pericles: The Hopeful Mariner?

  1. You want to see a play about the darker sides of humanity. Do you love Macbeth? Can’t get enough of Fargo or The Handmaids Tale? Then you might find yourself captivated by Pericles; a story which doesn’t shy away from the human potential for devious acts and immoral behaviour.

  2. You’d like to see some Shakespeare you’ve never seen before! Are you a Shakespeare buff who has seen it all? An avid theatre goer who may have seen one too many renditions of A Midsummer Night’s Dream? Then Pericles is the show for you! Not only is this one of Shakespeare’s least performed plays, but our production is a brilliant adaptation by Bard on the Beach co-founder, Christopher Weddell which provides a fresh spin on a 400 year old tale!

  3. You want to be reminded about the enduring power of hope in a world filled with darkness. “But… I thought you just said that this play was about darkness and villainy?” … Well, yes, it is! But, Pericles is unique in that it doesn’t quite fit into the “tragedy” classification. We don’t want to give too much away… but there may just be a light at the end of the dark tunnel which is Pericles’s life!

BONUS REASON: Pericles has pirates!

Stay tuned for two more quick lists to help you make your summertime Shakespearean selection!