Why See BOTH Pericles and The Tempest?

Today, we launch into the second week of both Pericles and The Tempest... and what better way to kick it off than with another great list to help you decide what to see in the remaining three weeks of our run?

Maybe you saw one of our shows last week, and you aren't sure if it's worth seeing the other as well. Or, you haven't seen either yet, but you're waffling between buying tickets for just one show, or getting a season pass. Well, you've come to the right place! Here are three great reasons why you might want to see both Pericles and The Tempest!

Why See Both Pericles and The Tempest?

1. You want to see the same group of actors in completely different roles. Since 2014, we've been a 'repertory' company. That means that the actors we hire perform in both of the plays in our season! So, in The Tempest, for example, you'll see mentor actor Trevor Hinton playing the terrifying wild fish-man Caliban, but in Pericles he plays the upstanding political adviser Helicanus. These two characters are so different that you'll barely be able to believe that Trevor is the man behind them both! Check out both plays to see how each of our actors handle the epic task of taking on two plays at once!

2. You want to balance the light with the dark. Did The Tempest leave you feeling a little too fanciful? Come see Pericles to ground you with an exploration into the darker side of human nature. Did you walk out of Pericles feeling a little too morose? Come check out The Tempest to laugh your head off and lighten up! Balance is the key to a great life - and the key to a great Shakespearean experience too!

3. You want to experience a whole day of Shakespeare in the sun! On Saturdays, we perform The Tempest in the afternoon, and Pericles in the evening. So if you're a die hard theatre fan, come join us for both shows in one day! Not only will you get the chance for an in-depth, back-to-back comparison of two very different Shakespearean plays, but you'll get to spend a whole day in the great outdoors, connecting with nature and watching the sun move across the sky. Plus, you can even order your dinner to be delivered to you from Dine In Victoria, just in time for Pericles

BONUS REASON: If you get a season ticket, you'll save a few bucks on each show!

Here at the GVSF, we'll be performing each show 12 times this July! So, suffice it to say, we are getting to know these stories very well. We've fallen in love with both stories, and we think you will as well!