A Chat with Cam Culham, GVSF Member Extraordinaire!

This week, we’re featuring one of the longest standing GVSF performers on the ShakesBLOG… Cam Culham!

Cam’s first season with the GVSF was in 1994, when we were performing under a tent, downtown, at the inner harbour! Since then he’s been in fourteen or fifteen seasons (he isn’t quite sure!), performed in almost all of our fundraisers, joined Victoria Shakespeare Society, and become President of the Board!

We couldn’t ask for a more friendly, generous, and open-hearted person to hold the title of “Most Accomplished GVSF Member”! Cam is just a delight to work with; whether he’s landed the leading role of Petruchio, or supporting Midsummer Night’s Dream’s Puck in a tutu.

I decided to keep Cam’s whole interview intact, without even cutting my voice out of the footage, because we had such a great chat! As Cam said “It didn’t feel like an interview… it was just a conversation between good friends”.