Festival gates open at 7pm for the evening performances; 1pm for the matinees. In the half-hour before the performances start, we often offer pre-show diversions: academics talking about interesting and little-known aspects of the plays, local musicians, poets. Check this page for the most recent schedule of offerings!

2018 schedule below; check back in June for the 2019 lineup!

July 5     Julia Hensley, musician
July 6     Palabra Flamenco, poetry & flamenco
July 7 (evening performance)   Julia Hensley, musician
July 10      Doug Hensley, musician
July 11      Gary Kuchar, UVic professor
July 12      Erin Kelly, UVic professor
July 13      Victoria Mandolin Orchestra
July 14 (matinee)      Gary Kuchar, professor
July 14 (evening)     Palabra Flamenco, poetry & flamenco
July 17      Erin Kelly, UVic professor
July 18      Gary Kuchar, UVic professor
July 19      Erin Kelly, UVic professor
July 20     Palabra Flamenco, poetry & flamenco
July 21  (evening)    Erin Kelly, UVic professor
July 24     Banquo, early music ensemble  
July 26     Banquo, early music ensemble
July 27     Island Morris Dancers