Board of Directors


Cam Culham, President

Cam holds a BA in English, an MA in Theatre and a Diploma in French. He has been a fulltime EAL instructor at Continuing Studies (UVic) for 22 years. He has been performing with the GVSF on a consistent basis since the early 1990s, when all shows were performed at the Inner Harbour. Cam is a longstanding volunteer at local schools which teach diverse populations of special abilities, where he shares music and drama (most recently as puppeteer in the Get it? Got it! Puppet Troupe). This is the second Board of Directors that Cam has been a part of, the first being a one year stint with Kaleidescope Theatre.


William John Code, Vice President: 

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Callie Anderson, Treasurer

Callie earned a BA in Mathematics and an MBA in Accounting and Organizational Behavior before launching a long career in corporate accounting and systems implementation that included positions with non-profit organizations. Following retirement she earned a CELTA certificate and traveled the world teaching English as a second language to underprivileged women and children. She began a love of theatre when she started ballet classes at the age of seven and performed in many local productions. When she settled in Victoria in the spring of 2017, she set a goal to become involved in theatre, which led her to volunteer with the VSS. Her hobbies include volunteer work, reading, dancing and sewing (which she uses to repair chairs for the Festival).

Lisa Canzi

Lisa graduated from the University of Windsor with a BFA in sculpture and drawing. She has worked in the Vancouver film industry for over 15 years, first as a scenic artist in set construction, then as an assistant art director, graphic designer and illustrator in production design. She currently works as a freelance graphic designer specializing in print, packaging and props.

Lisa has lived on the West Coast for over 25 years and deeply values Victoria’s community and culture. The GVSF pulls together many things that she loves about this city, so she is really happy to be involved in the support and promotion of it!

Shona Slack 

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Members at Large

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Advisory Board 

Ian Case

Paul E. Croy

Lori Fisher

Mark Perry

In Memory of Susie Mullen